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MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. - Classes started two hours later than usual because of the damage on Highway 231 in Morgan County. Authorities blocked Highway 231 north and southbound because of major cracks in the road.

Some parents and grandparents take their kids to and from school every day. One of them says the traffic - fortunately- won't impact her at all. That's not the case for everyone. Getting to school could take a lot longer now.

"I usually get here about 1:30 because I like to be first in line," said Ernestine Morrow.

School's out by 2:42 p.m, but this was the perfect day for this grandmother to arrive early "Because the traffic's gonna be bad," said Morrow. "I can turn left and go home, but people going out on 36 is gonna be a long line."

Brian Matkin was waiting for his grandson to step out of school - he was one of the first people to arrive early in the afternoon too - but he got caught in morning traffic.

"It took twice as long to get to Lacey's Spring," said Matkin. "There was a lot of traffic going down 36 coming into Lacey's Spring. I didn't know they had damage on the road on 231."

The Alabama Department of Transportation said the road deteriorated due to this week's rain running off Brindlee Mountain. Deputy Superintendent Lee Willis said he's getting the word out to parents immediately.

"That naturally affects four of our schools," said Willis, "Cotaco, Lacey's Spring, Union Hill, and Brewer."

Willis said the buses should still arrive on time in the morning but bus schedules could be impacted by road conditions and traffic.

"Be prepared for it take 15-20 minutes longer in the afternoon for the students to arrive home," said Willis.

If you don't want to get caught up in the traffic frenzy, follow behind the grandparents and plan early. Morgan County Schools officials says they are working closely with the Morgan County Sheriff's Department and the Alabama Department of Transportation.

Regular meetings have been scheduled in order to figure out the best way to handle traffic flow. Remember - plan ahead for delays.