A man who injected methamphetamine hours before crashing a stolen vehicle and killing two men in Lakewood has been convicted on multiple felony charges, including vehicular homicide and vehicular eluding.

William Lloyd Jokay-Szilagji, 28, was convicted by a Jefferson County jury on Thursday on 24 counts in the deaths of Jacob Bowen, 26, and Jesse Edmonds, 30, according to the 1st Judicial District. The jury deliberated for two days after a week-long trial.

Jefferson County DA
William Jokay-Szilagji

Early May 19, Lakewood police were at a condo complex at 12350 W. Nevada Place where a Toyota 4Runner was parked with the engine running, according to a district attorney’s news release. Police pulled behind the vehicle and determined it had been reported stolen.

A man wearing all black ran to the Toyota and got behind the wheel. Police ordered him to stop, but the driver rammed a police car, injuring an officer, and drove through a 6-foot-tall wooden fence to flee.

A short time later, two officers were stopped at a traffic light at West Alameda Parkway and South Kipling Street when they saw the speeding Toyota, with no lights on, run a red light at the intersection and slam into a Nissan driven by Bowen. Edmonds was a passenger in the Nissan. Both men were killed.

Investigators said Jokay-Szilagji was driving at 105 mph just before the collision.

Both men who died were from Kansas and were about three miles from a friend’s home they were visiting.

Two women in the Toyota, driven by Jokay-Szilagji, suffered severe injuries.

In the days leading up to the fatal crash, Jokay-Szilagji’s crime spree included:

  • Theft of the 4Runner and use of
    financial transaction devices that were inside.
  • A home burglary in which a rifle, wallets, credit
    cards and a tactical vest were stolen.
  • A robbery of a person in an Arvada bar.
  • Another car trespass.

Stolen items and 4.5 grams of meth were recovered from the wrecked Toyota.

Jokay-Szilagji remains in custody at the Jefferson County jail. He faces decades in prison after the 24-count conviction, which included two counts of vehicular homicide-DUI and two counts of reckless vehicular homicide. His sentencing is scheduled for April 2.